Saturday, November 19, 2011

Soft Pink Makeup Tutorial


Oh girls. Im going to post about one of my favorite blogger's post.
Just as i always do here. Ill post again a tutorials. Youll absolutely love it.
Check it out~ Check it out-->

Step 1.  Apply eye makeup base all over eyelids...
Step 2.  Use a brush to apply a light pink or peach eye shadow on eyelids..
Step 3.  Apply a dark shade (I used brown) at the corner/crease to define lid...blend it gently...
Step 4.  Use a white shimmery eyeliner to line the bottom lash
Step 5.  Use a brush to gentle apply the pink/peach eye shadow on top of the white liner...
Step 6.  Apply white eye shimmer/glitter on the inner rim of eyes...
Use a black eyeliner to outline the top and bottom lash lines....focus only on the outer end....

Step 8.  Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.  Finish off with lipgloss or lipstick....

The end

Credits: I am here to to share with you the tutorials made by other bloggers. Im just copying and pasting stuff here. So to say, Im not the one who's doing the tutorials. Some of the tutors.. are ulzzangs so im just here to translate it. Im not korean but i know how to use my common sense. I will just post whatever i found interesting anyway ill put the credit of the owner and ask for their permission as much as I can.

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