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About me:

I am the webmistress of this blog. I only copy those tutorials that ive seen interesting. I dont use them to bad things and impersonating them neither. Ill jot down any credit that belongs to the blogger and asked for their approval as much as I can. Some of them are ulzzangs and only written in Korean but going to translate it as much as I can . I cant read Korean nor write but ill do my best to understand those. Do not blame me if those tutorials didnt suit you or if those products made you irritated. I dont have the right to took any acts to that.  Make sure to patch test it first before using.


For sponsorships, I dont accept any sponsorships. Like sending me products to make a review. First of all i dont want to do any product reviews but only accept gifts ( If there's any?) Perhaps, I can make an event or giveaways for you. just send an email to boan.han@yahoo.com


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